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World Braille Day 2023 Date: Know History And Significance Of The Day That Raises Awareness About The Importance Of Braille In Communication

Every year, World Braille Day is observed on January 4 across the world. The international day raises awareness of the importance of braille as a means of communication for blind and visually impaired people. The date for the event was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) following a proclamation in November 2018. Notably, the day also marks the birthday of Louis Braille, creator of this writing system. The first World Braille Day was observed on January 4, 2019. As we celebrate World Braille Day 2023, here’s all you need to know about the history and significance of this international day. 10 Things to Know About Late Louis Braille, Inventor of Reading & Writing System for Blind.

World Braille Day History

The first World Braille Day was observed across the globe on January 4, 2019. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) chose this date for World Braille Day through a proclamation in November 2018. Even under normal circumstances, persons with disabilities are less likely to access health care, education, employment, and community participation. Hence, World Braille Day raises awareness and educates people about the importance of braille in their day-to-day lives. Android 13 Beta To Have Support for Braille Displays, Says Google.

The visually impaired face several issues in terms of independence and isolation, especially for people who rely on the use of touch to communicate their needs and access information. In such a scenario, the importance of Braille comes into the picture. Braille is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols using six dots to represent each letter and number, and even musical, mathematical and scientific symbols.

Significance of World Braille Day

World Braille Day has been an international holiday on January 4 since 2019. The day is observed to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication in the full realization of human rights for the blind. Braille is named after its inventor in 19th century France, Louis Braille and is used by blind and partially sighted people to read the same books and periodicals as those printed in a visual font. There are 63 dot patterns or characters in the Braille system. Before being called Braille, the system of tangible writing using dots was called ‘night writing’. The special day serves as a great opportunity for people to honour the Braille system that has helped educate the visually impaired for several decades.

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