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Which Country Will Celebrate New Year 2023 First and Last? Know When January 1 Begins Around the World at Different Time Zones

The oldest and universally marked observance is New Year! The city of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia was where the first New Year’s celebrations were recorded about 4,000 years ago. The world commemorates a fresh start of a calendar year annually by sharing greetings, eating, dancing and having fun. The night of December 31 is when people get ready to usher in an untouched beginning and start a brand-new chapter of their life. But what if we tell you that not all parts of the globe observe New Year’s eve at the same time? No, it’s not strange! Even though the countdown to 2023 began just before midnight worldwide, not everybody is ringing in the New Year at the same hour. Let’s get to know which country celebrates the New Year first and last. Year we go. List of Long Weekends in 2023 in India: Get New Year Calendar With Holiday Dates To Make the Most of Your Vacations.

Which Country Will Enter New Year 2023 First? 

Oceania is that place in the world which marks the New Year celebration first. Tonga, Kiribati and Samoa are the tiny Pacific island nations that are the first to ring in a new Calendar year. Here, January 1 starts at 10 am GMT or 3:30 pm as per Indian Standard Timing on December 31. Lucky Fruits for New Year 2023: From Lemon to Pomegranate; 5 Fruits That Will Attract Good Health, Luxury and Prosperity in Your Favour in The Coming Year.

Which Country Will Enter New Year 2023 Last? 

Near the United States, the uninhabited islands, Baker Island and Howland, are the places in the world to welcome the New Year at last. These places kickstart their celebration at 12 pm GMT or 5:30 pm as per Indian Standard Timing on January 1.

The New Year will be ushered in throughout the 25 hours around the earth, with various countries embracing the start of another 12-months period with their customs and festivities. For the sake of a good friend or relative, make sure to keep an eye on the international time zones if you want to greet your loved ones living in the aforementioned places.

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