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This One Magical Ingredient Can Help You Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads Naturally

Nature has given us the best ingredients to take care of our skin. We always do not need to spend tons of money investing in high-end skincare products. But look around in your kitchen, and you will find the most useful ingredient for your skin is lying there. Tomato is one such powerful superfood that is not only great for our health but also for our skin too.Also Read – From Exfoliating to Hydrating, Follow These Simple 5-Steps For a Clear And Healthy Skin

Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga Organics says, “Among many other benefits of using tomatoes on the face, such as skin brightening, getting rid of tan, and soothing irritation on the skin, tomatoes are great if you wish to treat blackheads.” Also Read – Baby Skincare Tips: Shahnaz Husain Shares Ultimate Guide to Nourish Your Baby’s Skin During Monsoon

Blackheads are those tiny, little bumps that usually occur in the regions of the nose and chin. People suffer from blackheads because of clogged pores and dirt, oil, and sweat piling up on the skin. Blackheads are an unpleasant experience on the skin, and it is worse as it leads to acne. However, reducing blackheads is not a difficult task if you can make tomatoes your best friend. Also Read – Monsoon Skincare Tips: 5 DIY Beauty Hacks For Brides-to-be To Follow Before Their Wedding Day

Let’s dive in and know how tomatoes can help reduce blackheads

Tomatoes contain a high level of astringent, the main ingredient to reduce open pores. Open pores allow the skin to absorb dirt and grime, and the sebum released from the face accumulates on top of the skin, leading to the formation of blackheads. Lycopene is another component in tomatoes that works excellent to prevent open pores and reduce blackheads.

  • Helps in skin’s oil production

Another major reason for the appearance of blackheads is excessive oil or sebum production on the face. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, K, and A, which help to control excess oil release and make your skin look less greasy. Since oil can lead to blackheads, using tomatoes regularly can keep blackheads at bay.

  • Wards off dead skin cells

Dead skin cells often clog pores and lead to blackheads. Hence regular exfoliation is much needed for the skin to get rid of the dead skin cells and allow the skin to breathe. Tomatoes are excellent natural exfoliators that gently yet deeply cleanse the pores and shed off dead skin cells. Sensitive skin owners, too, can use tomatoes as an exfoliator as they are pretty mild on the skin.

How to use tomatoes to remove blackheads

Tomatoes can be applied directly to the skin. Rub a slice of tomato all over the face, keep it for 30-40 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. The acidic properties of tomatoes will mildly scrub off the build-up of dirt and oil, and you will be blackheads-free.

You can add a tablespoon of yogurt if your skin needs hydration and moisturization. Oats and gram flour too can be added to tomato pulp and applied to the skin.

The next time you go grocery shopping makes sure to lay your hands on some tomatoes and let your skin see the magic of this great fruit.