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New Year 2023: Here’s how to wish ‘Happy New Year’ in 10 different languages

New Year’s Eve is around the corner where we all are looking to get the strength to forego the past year and anticipate some promising new experiences ahead of time, wishing that this upcoming year will give us the opportunity to start afresh and work towards rebuilding the world even as the Covid-19 cases surge again. Finally, this rollercoaster of a year is coming to an end, the anticipation for better times is contagious even while bettering ourselves in order to avoid such global suffering again.

No one wants to be late when it come to sending greetings to loved ones. So, as people all over the world are gearing up for New Year celebrations, here’s how to go quirky with your New Year 2023 wishes by greeting a ‘Happy New Year’ in 10 different languages:

1. Korean – 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (Pronounced: saehae bog manh-i bad-euseyo) i.e. May you have good fortune in the new year.

2. Hindi नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएँ (Pronounced: nav varsh ki shubhkaamnayein) i.e. Have a blessed new year.

3. French, say “Bonne Année” (Pronounced: bon a-nay) i.e. Happy New Year!

4. German, say “Frohes Neues Jahr,” or “Gutes Neues Jahr” (Pronounced: frohes neuyis yar, or gutes neu-yis yar) i.e. Happy New Year!

5. Italian, say “Buon anno,” or “Felice anno nuovo” (Pronounced boo-on ah-nno / fae-lee-chae ah-nno noo-o-vo) i.e. Happy New Year!

6. Portuguese, say “Feliz Ano Novo” (Pronounced: feh-liz an-oh noh-voh) i.e. Happy New Year!

7. Spanish, say “Feliz Año Nuevo” (Pronounced: feh-liz an-yoh n-way-vo) i.e. Happy New Year!

8. Arabic !عام سعيد Happy New Year!

9. Chinese 新年快乐 (formal) or 新年好 (informal) Happy New Year!

10. Japanese 明けましておめでとう! Happy New Year!