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Mauni Amavasya 2023 Dos & Don’ts: From Avoiding Cremation Grounds to Worshipping Lord Shani, Here’s How To Seek Good Luck, Happiness & Peace on Magha Amavasya

Magh month holds special importance in Sanatan Dharma many special & auspicious festivals take place during this time. After the Narak Nivaran Chaturdashi, the festival of Mauni or Maghi Amavasya falls on the new moon day of the Krishna Paksha of Magh month. Chanting, worshipping, charity and bathing in holy rivers have special significance on this day. On this auspicious day, by keeping a silent fast and meditating, the post of Muni is attained. If it is not possible for the householders to remain silent for a long time, then they can break the silence fast by worshipping, but keep in mind that do not use bitter words on this day. Mauni Amavasya 2023 Date and Shubh Muhurat: Know All About Its Significance, Rituals and How Magha Amavasya Is Observed.

  • On this day, the condition of planets and constellations create a yoga named Mahodya. Bathing in Sangam and worshipping ancestors in this yoga is considered auspicious and fruitful. Some things about this day have been mentioned in the scriptures, which should not be done. You must keep in mind the dos and don’ts on this day. Special care needs so that auspicious results can be obtained on this day, so follow these dos and don’ts list:
  • On the day of Mauni Amavasya, negative forces are awakened quickly in the moon’s dark shadow, which can be harmful to humans. That’s why one should not go to a deserted place like a cremation ground, cemetery or near any deserted places.
  • On the auspicious day of Mauni Amavasya, if a beggar comes to your house, do not let them go empty-handed. Amavasya is considered to be related to Shani Maharaj, the god of justice and ancestors. Do not insult any poor and helpless person on this day because Shani Dev represents the poor.
  • Maghi Amavasya is the new moon day of sages; keeping fast and silence on this day attain the status of a sage. That’s why deceit and cheating should not be done on this day. On Maghi Amavasya, any wrong deed can make you a partaker of manifold sins. That’s why don’t act proudy and greedy.
  • Crow, dog, and cow are considered to be related to ancestors. They are also considered to help get the auspicious fruits of Shani Dev. That’s why take out some pieces of food for them on the new moon day. Don’t chase them away.
  • On the day of Mauni Amavasya, maximum attention should be paid to speech. It is considered very important to have restraint on speech and mind. The meaning of Mauni is to remain silent, that is, do not speak anything before taking a bath.
  • Neither sleep late nor keep your house dirty on the day of Amavasya.
  • Wear clean clothes on the day of Amavasya.
  • Follow celibacy on Amavasya day and keep your distance from things like alcohol, meat etc.
  • On Mauni Amavasya, to remove sorrow and misfortune and get happiness, a person should get up before sunrise, clean the house, and take a bath. After this, water should be offered to Lord Surya and their ancestors.
  • Bathing in the river Ganges on the day of Mauni Amavasya gives special virtuous results.
  • Along with bathing on the day of Mauni Amavasya, the donation is also considered to be very important.
  • On the day of Mauni Amavasya, the astrological remedy for Kalsarp Dosha and Shani-related Dosha can be removed.

Mauni Amavasya is considered the day of worship. Even if you are not fasting on this auspicious day, at least avoid consuming tamasic food like meat-alcohol, garlic-onion. Eat saatvik food on this day and stay away from bad company.

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