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Mandala Puja 2022 Date at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala: Know Significance, Puja Rituals and How This Observance Is Celebrated After Mandala Kalam

Mandala Pooja is the annual observance which marks the end of the 41-day period of Mandala Kalam. Mandala Pooja 2022 will be conducted at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple on December 27. This annual observance is a very important and auspicious event for devotees of Lord Aiyyappa. The fasting begins for 41 days on the first day of Vrishchikam Masam, according to Malayalam Calendar, and ends on the 11th or 12th day during Dhanu Masam. As we prepare to celebrate Mandala Pooja 2022, here is everything you need to know about this event, how to celebrate Mandala Puja and its significance. Mandala Kalam 2022 Begins: Know All About the 41 Days of Austerity, Rituals, Significance and Preparations for Mandala Puja in Kerala.

When is Mandala Pooja 2022? 

Mandala Pooja is celebrated 41 days after the beginning of Mandala Kalam. Since Mandala Kalam 2022 began on November 17, Mandala Pooja 2022 falls on December 27, which is the twelfth day in the month of Dhanu, according to the Malayalam Calendar. On this day, the 41-day stringent fast, observed by devotees of Lord Aiyyapa, comes to an end. Mandala Puja 2022 Wishes and Greetings: Share WhatsApp Messages, Images, HD Wallpapers and SMS To Mark the Important Ritual for Devotees of Lord Ayyappa.

Significance of Mandala Pooja

Mandala Pooja is believed to be an extremely auspicious event held at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, along with the Makaravilakku ceremony, which is observed on Makar Sankranti. As mentioned before, Mandala Pooja marks the end of the 41-day austerity, which can be observed by men and women alike. Fasting is the most critical part of the 41-day observance. During this time, people don a tulsi mala of rudraksha and live a pious life, abstaining from vices or indulgences. Devotees must keep their body and mind clean and prepare to visit the Sabarimala temple. During this time, many people also visit the close-by Guruvaiyur temple, which organizes special events and aartis. 

During Mandala Kalam, thousands of devotees make it a point to visit the Sabarimala temple. The temple is kept open throughout the 41 days of the observance, and on the day of Mandala Pooja, the temple is filled with thousands of stoic devotees. Special aarti for Lord Aiiyaapa is done, and people also offer special delicacies like Naiappam and Naipayasam and light diyas with pure ghee. 

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