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Lohri 2023: Know the Legend of Dulla Bhatti, All About Punjab’s Robinhood and the Significance of Reciting His Songs During the Annual Harvest Festival

Lohri is a harvest festival celebrated on a grand scale, especially in Punjab and Haryana. Punjabis on this day celebrate with a bonfire, feasts and by singing songs to commemorate the momentous occasion. One of the main songs and stories recited during this time as people circle around the fire is of Dulla Bhatti. He is also called Punjab Ke Nayak and is considered to be India’s very own Robinhood. It is believed that the songs of Lohri all circle around Dulla Bhatti, who was hanged by Akbar and was a great warrior during the Mughal era and even took action against the growing oppression by the Mughals. As we all celebrate Lohri 2023, here’s everything you need to know about who Dulla Bhatti was, Dulla Bhatti’s Lohri story and its significance during the festival. First Lohri 2023 Mehndi Designs: From Arabic Mehandi Designs to Indian Henna Patterns, Newlyweds Can Apply on Hands for Lohri Celebration.

Who Was Dulla Bhatti?

Dulla Bhatti was born Rai Abdullah Khan in 1547 in a place called Pind Bhatti. He was a Muslim Rajput who was considered a dacoit by Akbar because he and his partners looted goods from Akbar’s zamindars and soldiers and then distributed them among the poor. He is honoured because, at the time when he lived in a place called Sandal Bar (now in Pakistan), young girls were being sold to wealthy merchants. Dulla Bhatti was known for protecting the girls of Punjab, freeing them from rich merchants and then helping them marry in suitable households. Lohri 2023 Wishes and HD Images: Share Lal Loi WhatsApp Messages, Quotes, HD Wallpapers and SMS for the Harvest Festival of Punjab.

Dulla Bhatti Lohri Story and Significance

We can turn to the legends to understand how Dulla Bhatti is related to a festival about worshipping Lord Indra and offering thanks for a bountiful harvest. A farmer who lived in Sandal Bar, Sunder Das, had two daughters during the Mughal era who were under threat from the village Lambardar, who was forcing Sunder Das to get his daughters married to him. He actually intended to sell them as slaves in the market after that. Das then approached Dulla Bhatti, who burnt the Lambardar’s fields and saved Sunder Das’ daughters. This was Lohri day when he also gave the family sugar as well wishes, which is why even now, Dulla Bhatti is remembered as a protector of the people in Punjab.

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