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Lohri 2023 Date and Sankranti Moment: Know Shubh Muhurat, History, Significance and Celebrations Related to the Harvest Festival in Punjab

Lohri, also known as Lohadi or Lal Loi, is a famous festival celebrated by the Punjabi community in India. Lohri marks the end of winter and is a traditional welcome of longer days and the sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere by people in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. The festival is observed the night before Maghi, also known as Makar Sankranti. This year, Lohri 2023 will be celebrated on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Lohri is an official holiday in Punjab, the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. In Delhi and Haryana, the festival is celebrated with great gusto but is not a gazetted holiday. Lohri 2023 Date and Recipes: From Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti to Gur Ka Halwa; 5 Dishes You Must Try To Enjoy the North Indian Festival.

Lohri falls in the month of Paush and is set by the solar part of the lunisolar Punjabi calendar. It is mainly a Sikh festival; however, the day of the festival is decided based on the Hindu calendar. It is believed by many that the festivals mark the passing of the winter solstice. Lohri is a harvest festival passionately celebrated by Sikhs in Punjab and Haryana. Lohri is a great occasion that holds great importance for farmers.

Lohri 2023 Date and Shubh Muhurat

Significance of Lohri

Lohri is the annual winter folk celebration in North India that marks the winter solstice’s passing. This festival is celebrated to welcome the new financial year of farmers in accordance with Bikrami Calendar. New agricultural tenancies are about to start on Lohri, and rents are collected on this day, which is why it is celebrated as the new financial year. Lohri is a fun festival where friends and family come together to celebrate this joyous occasion. The festival is significant because it is closely associated with the agricultural community. This festival is also celebrated to commemorate God Agni and Goddess Lohri. On this day, sweets are prepared at home and offered to God Agni in the evening as prasad.

The festival of Lohri brings happiness and good luck to households. Lohri marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Lohri celebrations begin with a bonfire, drum beats, folk dances, and folk music. It is considered the beginning of the new financial year for people belonging to the Sikh community because, on this day, winter crops are ready to be harvested.

This day is a perfect opportunity to express gratitude to nature for providing us with a good harvest and yield. Lohri festivities showcase an excellent spirit of brotherhood, unity, and gratitude through family reunions and also is a perfect time to thank Sun God for a good harvest.

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