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Is it Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s? Know the correct greeting

Happy New Year 2023: The special day is just around the corner. We are, yet again, about to complete a year and step on to the next year. A new year always brings with it fresh hopes, happiness and the promise of a better tomorrow. A new year urges us to start our lives fresh, and forget the regrets of the past, and initiate efforts in making it a better life for ourselves. (Also read: Happy New Year 2023: Best wishes, Shayari, images, greetings, messages to share with family and friends on January 1)

New Year comes within the festive season that starts with Christmas festivities. The birth anniversary of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas all across the world. After the celebrations are over, people start preparations for the new year. A revolution around the sun means to be celebrated and started afresh with fresh resolutions. People start preparations of the new year with new clothes, by decorating their homes with lights and colours and being homebound to spend the day with friends and families.

However, there is a big confusion in the way people wish others for the new year. There is a recurring question – Is it Happy New Year, Happy New Years or Happy New Year’s? Today, we try to decipher the meaning of the greeting and figure out what is the real way to greet people for the special day.

It is said that Happy New Year is the correct way, since there is only one new year and that is in singular. Going by grammar rules, since it is a single day to wish people, we cannot let it be said in a plural way. Hence between Happy New Year or Happy News Year’s, it is Happy New Year which is the correct way to greet people. However, we do refer to a day before the New Year as New Year’s Eve or the first day of the year as New Year’s Day. People at times shorten it and say Happy New Year’s as they are referring to either New Year’s eve or the very first day of the year. The term New Years is however isn’t correct.

Hence, the next time you want to greet someone or wish them in a special way, you know which is the right way to wish them.

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