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Full Wolf Moon 2023 Date and Time: Know Where and How To Watch and Capture the Perfect Image of the Moon, Why It Is Named So and Much More

After watching the Quadrantids meteor shower and Earth at Perihelion all in the first and exciting week of New Year 2023, it’s time for the first full moon of the year on January 6. This will be a ‘micromoon’ or a Full Wolf Moon. If you’re an astrophile living for these celestial events, this already looks like a bright year. It will be called a micromoon because the moon is currently at the farthest point from the Earth in its orbit. At its nearest approach, called perigee, the moon is 225,291 miles (362,570 km) away and at its farthest distance, called apogee, it is 251,910 miles (405,410 km) away. Perigee and apogee don’t always coincide with full moons, but this year is already taking an exciting turn, and since apogee is coinciding with the full moon, it will be called a micromoon. Similarly, if the perigee coincides with the full moon, it’s a supermoon. Here’s everything else you need to know about January’s Wolf Moon. Astronomical Events 2023 Dates: Quadrantids Meteor Shower, Wolf Moon, Hybrid Solar Eclipse – Get Full Calendar of Major Celestial Events for Free Download Online.

Wolf Moon Date and Time

The Full Wolf Moon will be witnessed on January 6, 2023, and will be at its maximum at 6:07 p.m. EST (11:07 p.m. UTC). A full moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon align in such a manner that the Sun’s rays illuminate the entire Earth-facing side of the moon. Perihelion Day 2023: Earth Reaches Closest to the Sun on January 4; Know More About the Celestial Phenomenon (View Tweet).

Why Is it Called Wolf Moon?

The nickname “wolf” is believed to be a reference to the fact that according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, wolves were heard howling more often during this time of the year due to hunger during winter. According to Time and Date, the names of full moons are believed to be a mixture of Native American, Anglo-Saxon and German month names. The other names used for the January full moon are ‘Frost Exploding Moon’ and ‘Cold Moon’.

How to Watch It and Take a Proper Photograph of The Moon

Astronomy experts suggest that to look at the full moon, people should only look to the Eastern Horizon as it will shine through during the nighttime from dusk to dawn. To capture an Instagram-worthy image of the moon, you need to turn off the flash and turn your ISO sensitivity down, with your focus to 100. For those who cannot watch the moon outside, there are several live-streaming options available.

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