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Dry Days in Kolkata in 2023: Check the Full List of Dates of Festivals and Events When Alcohol Will Not Be Served in Pubs, Hotels & Bars in the City of Joy

Each year makes us learn new lessons from numerous experience that has made us better people. We live in an era where daily work hustle and moonlighting have become a general thing. Never in a day do we get time to spend with ourselves or with our dear ones. By this time of the year, when folks set New Year goals and resolutions, the first thing that comes to mind is holidays! Apart from the avid travellers, introverts also decide to take a leave from their workplace to have their own kind of me-time. But taking an off from your college or office also implies that we have certain designated days that do not allow Indians to enjoy a booze party. You guessed it right. Dry Days they are. On a Dry Day, the sale and serving of alcohol are strictly banned in all hotels, cafes, bars and taverns. This article brings a complete list of Dry Days in Kolkata in 2023. Dry Days in India 2023 List: Get Full Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Liquor Stores, Pubs & Bars Across the Country.

If you confused a dry day with a no-rain day, you probably need to change your source of information. Anyway, the feeling is the same! But how do we decide when is a Dry Day? In observance of national concerns like Republic Day or Gandhi Jayanti, the sale of alcohol is totally prohibited in all the regions across the country. Dr Days in India are also observed during any auspicious occasions, election day or foundation day of any Indian state. In the case of a statehood event, Dry Day is applicable in a particular region. If you are a citizen of Kolkata, the city of joy and are wondering about the Dry Days in your town; we have got you covered. Given below is a Dry Day in 2023 table for Kolkata people with the name of the festival and events along with the date and day. Lucky Fruits for New Year 2023: From Lemon to Pomegranate; 5 Fruits That Will Attract Good Health, Luxury and Prosperity in Your Favour in The Coming Year.

List Of Dry Days in 2023 in Kolkata 

Date Day Festival/Event
14 Jan Friday Makar Sankranti
26 Jan Thursday Republic Day
30 Jan Monday Shaheed Diwas
15 Feb Wednesday Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
18 Feb Saturday Mahashivratri
19 Feb Sunday Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
8 March Wednesday Holi
30 March Thursday Ram Navami
4 April Tuesday Mahavir Janma Kalyanak
7 April Friday Good Friday
14 April Friday Ambedkar Jayanti
22 April Saturday Eid ul-Fitr
29 June Thursday Ashadi Ekadashi
29 July Saturday Muharram
15 Aug Tuesday Independence Day
6 Sept Wednesday Janmashtami
19 Sept Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi
28 Sept Thursday Anant Chaturdashi and Eid-e-Milad
2 Oct Monday Gandhi Jayanti
24 Oct Tuesday Dussehra
28 Oct Saturday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
12 Nov Sunday Diwali
23 Nov Thursday Kartiki Ekadashi
25 Dec Monday Christmas Day

Bookmark this page, as you need to know beforehand when to get yourself the extra bottles during any off day. Also, if you live for the weekend party night, you must have this table handy.

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