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Dry Days in Delhi 2023 List: Check Complete Calendar With Festivals and Dates When Alcohol Is Not for Sale in the Capital City of India

This year is coming to an end, and as appalled as we are about it ending so soon, it’s officially time to change our calendar dates and embrace the year 2023 for everything it will bring for us. Some of us like to plan ahead, and while we’re sorting through the list of all the long weekends and festivals that are hopefully not falling on the weekend, it’s also important to be aware of the dry days falling on specific days when we might have an event planned. Dry days essentially fall on the day of a particular event, like a festival or a national holiday, when the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited in malls, liquor shops, pubs, taverns, cafes and hotels. The Delhi government had announced that it’s returning to its previous practice of additional dry days in the year instead of just the three on national holidays. To help you prevent any unexpected cancellation of plans, we have compiled a list of all the Dry Days in Delhi in 2023. So drink responsibly and bookmark this list for future use. Dry Days in India 2023 List in PDF For Free Download: Check New Year Calendar With Festival Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale.

The year 2022 saw a lot of unexpected additional dry days and days when alcohol was unavailable anywhere in Delhi. Festivals and election days in Delhi are marked by dry days and some occasions of national interest like Republic Day, Independence Day, or Gandhi Jayanti are sure to be dry days. Dry Days may be marked during an auspicious festival, election event, national observance or statehood day as per what the regional government decides. These dates may differ every year, so you’re not caught off guard, here’s a list of all the Dry Days in Delhi in 2023 you need to check out. Dry Days in 2023 in Mumbai: Check Full Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Liquor Stores, Pubs & Bars in India’s Economic Capital.

Dry Days In Delhi In January 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
14 January Saturday Makar Sankranti
26 January Thursday Republic Day
30 January Monday Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary

Dry Days In Delhi In March 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
8 March Wednesday Holi
30 March Thursday Rama Navami

Dry Days In Delhi In April 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
4 April Tuesday Mahavir Jayanti
7 April Friday Good Friday
14 April Friday Ambedkar Jayanti
22 April Saturday Eid ul-Fitr

Dry Days In Delhi In June 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
29 June Thursday Ashadi Ekadashi

Dry Days In Delhi In July 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
3 July Monday Guru Purnima
29 July Saturday Muharram

Dry Days In Delhi In August 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
15 August Tuesday Independence Day

Dry Days In Delhi In September 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
6 September Wednesday Janmashthami
19 September Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi
28 September Thursday Anant Chaturdashi & Eid-e-Milad

Dry Days In Delhi In October 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
2 October Monday Gandhi Jayanti
24 October Tuesday Dussehra
28 October Saturday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

Dry Days In Delhi In November 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
12 November Sunday Diwali
23 November Thursday Kartiki Ekadashi
27 November Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti

Dry Days In Delhi In December 2023

Date Day Festival/Event
25 December Monday Christmas

There are no dry days scheduled as of now in February and May of the year. We realise that it’s no fun if you plan a huge event and suddenly get to know that it’s a dry day and you’re not going to be able to get alcohol anywhere. We hope that this list helps you plan way in advance so you’re ready for celebrations without any worry.

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