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Dongzhi Festival 2022 Dishes: From Tanygyuan to Mutton, 5 Popular Food Items You Can Try Out for the Chinese Winter Solstice (Watch Recipe Videos)

Dongzhi, or the winter solstice festival, is one of the most important Chinese festivals. It is observed between December 21 and December 23. Dongzhi 2022 will be observed on Thursday, December 22. It is celebrated by the Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans and other East Asian people during the Dongzhi solar term. The days get colder and colder after this. Therefore, people indulge in dishes which have a warming effect and enhance the cold resistance ability of the body. As you celebrate Dongzhi 2022, we at LatestLY have bought together a collection of 5 popular foods that the Chinese love during the festival.


Tangyuan is a glutinous rice ball, one of the most popular foods of the Dongzhi festival. The custom of eating Tanyuan started in the southern region during the ancient song dynasty (420-479).

Babao Porridge

This eight-treasure porridge contains glutinous rice, millets, red beans, Chinese sorghums, peas, dried lotus seeds and some other ingredients like dried dates, chestnut meat, walnut meat, almond, peanut etc.


Jiaozi is made of ground meat or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough which is sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping.


Wonton is a type of dumpling commonly found in Chinese cuisine. The most common filling of wonton is ground pork, and a small amount of flour is added as the binder. Regular spices are added to the mixture and often seasoned with garlic or finely chopped green onions.


At the time of winter solstice, mutton is one of the very common foods found in almost every region. It warms up the body and also helps in enhancing the cold resistance ability of the body. It is also believed to nourish the kidney and blood.

Every festival has a traditional cuisine that comes along with it. Dongzhi food is about keeping the body warm as the winter nights are about to set in. Wishing everyone a Happy Dongzhi festival 2022!

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