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As Per Hindu Calendar, Year 2023 Will Have 13 Months. Know How. Avoid THESE Mistakes During Malamas

Adhikmas/Malamas: The year 2023 will have thirteen months rather than the normal 12, according to the Hindu Calendar. The month of Sawan, during which devotees worship Lord Shiva, will be celebrated for two months in 2023. According to astrologers, this event will be happening after a gap of 19 years when the month of Sawan will be extended to 2 months.

Adhikmas, Malamas, Purushottam —What It Means?

The extra month in the year 2023 is called ‘Adhikmas’. The term Adhikmas, Malamas, or Purushottam refers to the addition of a new month to the Hindu calendar every three years.

How Adhikmas Is Calculated?

As per the Hindu calendar, an extra month is added after every three years, which is called Adhikmas, Malamas or Purushottam. The solar year has a total of 365 days and 6 hours while the lunar year has 354 days. There is a gap of almost 11 days between the two. To fill this gap, a month is added every three years which is called Adhikamas.

Duration of Adhikmas In 2023

Adhikamas will commence on July 18, 2023, and last through August 16, 2023. This duration is regarded as the month of Lord Vishnu devotion. The Shivratri festival falls during this month, so those who worship Lord Shiva will have more time to do so.

Avoid These Mistakes During Malamas/Adhikmas

  1. Marriage is not permitted during the month of Adhikmas.
  2. Do not open a new store or workplace during the month of August.
  3. Avoid undertaking new projects, new job opportunities, or major investments.
  4. Construction of new homes and property purchases are not believed to be auspicious during this time.
  5. Auspicious works such as Mundan and Karnavedha are also forbidden.