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12 Days of Christmas Significance: Know All About When the Days Begin, Their Association With the Christmas Carol and How They Are Celebrated

If you have heard Christmas carols, you have come across the idea of 12 Days of Christmas. Also known as Twelvetide, 12 Days of Christmas is a festive Christian season celebrating the Nativity of Jesus. But what really is the 12 Days of Christmas, and when does it begin? Well, traditionally speaking, the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day (December 25) and will go on till January 6, which is celebrated as Epiphany or the Three Kings’ Day. The four weeks leading up to Christmas are known as Advent (the inspiration behind the array of advent calendars that make our Christmas celebrations more exciting) and finally mark the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas. As we prepare to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas 2022, here is the significance of this observance, its association with the Christmas Carol and more! Advent 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations.

When do the 12 Days of Christmas begin?

The 12 Days of Christmas are believed to begin on Christmas Day, which is December 25. While some people in the western community observe the first day of Christmas to be December 25 itself, others begin the celebration on December 26. The celebrations go up to January 6, which is celebrated as the Three Kings’ Feast. Christmas 2022 Carols: All-Time Favourite Christmas Songs and Melodies You Can Add to Your Playlist This Holiday Season.

How Are The 12 Days of Christmas Celebrated?

There are various festivities associated with the 12 Days of Christmas. Many people take the time and effort to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by observing different feasts. This celebration begins with the observance of Saint Nicholas’ feast on December 26. However, most people are forced to go back to their everyday life after the celebrations on Christmas Day!

12 Days of Christmas and The Christmas Carol

While most people assume 12 Days of Christmas to just be one of the many carols that is fun to remember and sing along to, the history of this carol goes way back. Originally a poem written by Catholic clerics, this song was transformed into a carol at a time when celebrating the 12 days of Christmas was one of the most important holiday customs. By understanding the meaning of the clerics’ chosen 12 days for their poem, the full impact of the tradition of the 12 days of Christmas can be understood.

The 12 days of Christmas are known as the time that makes up Christmas Season and is a festive affair for people who follow Christianity worldwide. Here’s hoping you know a little more about the meaning of the song and embrace the festive spirit!

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